Flying log book belonging to trainee Leo D Wardlow certificate number S37569 Address 2nd Army HQ Memphis Tennessee Airport Kohlet dated from September 26 1940 to October 23 1942 Airplanes flown Funk B, J3 Cub and a what looks like Aetonua? I haven't found any American training plan that looks close to that yet.

WW11 Malta vateran Wilfred Wilson's release papers and travel warrant.

R.A Barrett discharge papers Korean war.

Two Leicestershire Regiment permanent pass books issued in 1946 to a Bandsman Walford.

War department driving permit dated 1944.
Its difficult to make out the name
all I can read is the surname Bridge.

Release papers and Pay book with associated paperwork that came with it to 844942 GNR (ER) Ernest Henshaw. He joined the South Notts Hussars Yeomanry Royal Artillery TA in 1935. As you can see from his paperwork he was entitled to the 1939/45 star, Africa star with 8th army clasp, Italy star, Germany star, defence medal and war medal 1939/45. There is even a torn piece of paper from the Nottingham journal 13 may 1944 giving a brief history of the unit and what they did during the war so far including being in the first siege of Tobruk with the Australians.
Thanks to Erica Shaw for donating her grandfathers papers to my collection.

There are only these three unit campaign stars entitlement papers it looks like the one for the Africa star with 8th army clasp has got lost over the years.

Nottingham journal 13 may 1944

Release book for T/4977480 Corporal Victor Bambrick R.A.S.C. Served from September 3 1939 to May 19 1946 so he served through the whole war. Unfortunately I know nothing about Corporal Victor Bambrick as this book came with a job lot of war time books and leaflets.