A.R.P emergency kit undated made out of cardboard with many of its original contents. Its 5 inch by 6 inch by 3 inch deep.

Not a tin but a hybrid book and first aid kit. The compleat first aid outfit book and A.R.P. Undated but from reading the forward its just prewar. Its 10 inches in height 8 inches across and 1 and a half inches deep. It has a basic first aid kit on the inside of the front cover and a 126 page book of basic first aid.

A.R.P first aid tin.its 3 inches in height 10 inches across and 8 in width. Its debatable if all the contents are war time. I will weed Out the later items and replace them with war time ones. The third picture is a list of what the contents should be.

Boots A.R.P first aid tin. Its 5 inches in height 11 inches across and 7 inches in width plus it has brackets for a shoulder strap on the sides. Unfortunately somebody has used it as a tool box by attaching a handle to the lid which I removed. The A.R.P and warden letters have been badly worn away but you can still make them out. The second picture shows what the Minimax tin should look like full but I imagine the boots one would look pretty much the same. Thanks to Andy D on the militaria collectors network for the list and contents pictures.

A.R.P first aid tin. Its deeper than the previous one its 8 inches in height 11 inches across and 7 inches in width it has a red band on the top and back plus a carrying Handel on the front and loops for a shoulder strap on the sides.Unfortunately it looks like somebody has added a fastening strap on the front and top at some time which has been removed.