Manual of Firemanship part 2 Appliances. A survey of the science of firefighting dated 1944 with 186 pagers.

British Red Cross Society First-Aid Manual No1. Dated 1941 with 339 pages.

Ministry of Home Security leaflet telling householders and business to form fire Party’s.

Air Raid First Aid a 31 page booklet dated 1939.

Advertisement leaflet for a A.R.P. First Aid book for Cats and Dogs.

Passive Air Defence dated 1939, a 125 page booklet covering all aspects of ARP/Civil Defence work.

Civil defence rescue from blitz and blast. A small undated twenty seven page booklet by Edith M Jackson, S.R.N.

A 36 page booklet dated 1938 explaining what to do and how to make your house safer during an air raid

A 7 page booklet explaining to air raid wardens how to cope with electrical damage during an air raid.

A 166 page book dated 1939. Teaching the Auxiliary fireman all about fire fighting.

A 252 page book dated 1941. Teaching the next leval of fire fighting.

The National Fire Service Drill Book. A 152 page book dated 1943 showing all aspects of fire fighting.

Post WW11 Civil Defence leaflets.