All three of these postcards are to the same woman a Miss Halbert from three different men, two of them to the east Leeds War Hospital dated 1917 and 1918 and one to her home address were the date is not clear possibly just post war, reading them I am guessing Miss Halbert was a nurse and the men were wounded soldiers who had taken a liking to her.

Three more postcards for Miss Halbert.

This one has some interesting writing on the back
it was written in a hospital in Aldershot by a B C Luchett to a Miss Annie Happer in Doncaster.

Dear Miss Happer
Having the pleasure to receive an egg with your address
I thank you very much for it also your wishes
but I am sorry to say I am not much better
having been wounded at the front thanking you again
I remain yours B C Luchett. Royal engineers.
PS I have just eaten your egg it was lovely