British propaganda news paper dropped over the Channel Islands. Dated 23 September 1944. I found this one in Jersey .

Glass Protection in Shops. A fold out leaflet giving advice to shopkeepers about protecting them selves and customers from flying glass during an air raid. Dated 1941.

A one page leaflet dated 1941. Letting people know what to do if the water supply has been damaged in a air raid.

Royal Ordnance Factories rules of the danger area, a 33 page booklet dated 1943.

WW11 highway code booklet, first produced in 1935 but this one has war time advertisements on the back page.

I believe this to be a Burmese propaganda leaflet but as I don't read Burmese I could be wrong if anybody can translate it I would be very interested.

Take Post, a 48 page information booklet for AA Command dated 1943.

Exeter Cathedral 1942 by S.C. Carpenter Dean of Exeter. A 50 page book about a major air raid on Exeter in particular Exeter Cathedral.

A war time 128 page book full of cartoon jokes about war time life soldier and civilian by Gilbert Wikinson.

Rank and badges in the navy, army, R.A.F. And auxiliaries. A thirty two page booklet dated 1940 as well as showing the military and home front badges there are also aircraft recognition silhouettes and markings.

Rank and badges in the navy, army, R.A.F. And auxiliaries. The same book as above but dated 1943 the auxiliary Fire Service is now the National Fire Service, the uniform pictures on the back of the 1940 book have been replaced by National Fire Service and Civil Defence badges and rank its also lost the aircraft recognition silhouettes and markings and gained an extra page of auxiliary and miscellaneous badges making it three pages instead of two.

A 31 page booklet similar to the ones above but also has a section on the woman's auxiliary services.

Daily mail Nipper annual 1940. 100 pages of the Daily mail comic strip hero Nipper.

Daily mail Nipper annual 1941. 65 pages of the Daily mail comic strip hero Nipper. Note how its smaller and poor quality compared to the 1940 version. War time shortages starting to bite perhaps.

Daily mail Nipper annual 1942. 62 pages of the Daily mail comic strip hero Nipper.

A 44 page book of rhymes and political satire published in 1939

195 page book dated 1939. A fascinating incite into what was happening in the Britsh, German, Polish, governments from 1934 to 1939 it contains speeches and notes passed between govenments

A 47 page booklet explaining what jobs are availAable for national service, everything from military service to the observer corps, air raid wardens, and many more, it also contains enrolment forms for the many service's. Inside is a letter rom the Prime mnister Neville Chamberlain encouraging people to join up.

WW1 Invitation And a post war thank you for your service certificate Air Raid Warden.

A 23 page booklet explaining to the public what the atomic bomb is and how it came about. It includes discussions between goverments and politicions and speeches including Churchill.