Spot them in the air by the Daily Mirror. A thirty- one page booklet with Identification drawings and descriptions of twenty-seven British and German aircraft. Undated but probably early war given the aircraft shown.

Raid spotters note book. A 68 page note book containing descriptions and silhouettes of 103 types of Aircraft, information on Recognition, Spotting, Comparisons, Bombing, Gliders, etc., etc. Undated but in the notes section in pencil is written Saturday 5-6-43 4-40pm 3 Mitchells {?} over derby off S.E. and on another page under the heading Home Guard a list of Air Craft.

Royal Observer Corps Aircraft recognition test fold up sheets dated 1941. The numbers on the silhouettes gives you the is a key to the information about that particular Aircraft on the back of the sheets.

Aircraft identification book called Oddentification, using humour to help leaning. 64 pages but undated.

Seventeen page booklet of aeroplane recognition tests dated 1941.

Aircraft Identification part four, American types dated 1941 with 63 pages.

Aircraft identification Japanese Aeroplanes part five, dated 1943 with 65 pages.

Aircraft recognition book volume 1 .A 192 page book first published in 1941, this is a revised edition in 1943

Aircraft recognitionbook volume 2 both these books are packed with information,silhouettes and photographs of aircraft. This volume has 189 pages and was published in 1942.

A 39 page handbook of British and German aircraft silhouettes dated 1942.

A 19 page handbook of British and American aircraft with photographs and silhouettes undated but definitely war time.