Wartime aids for all animal owners. A 32 page booklet that covers all issues to do with animals in wartime.

A six page price list of of equipment and uniforms for the A.R.P and Fire Servicers. Dated December 1941.

Your home as an air raid shelter dated 1940. A 24 page handbook covering all aspects of modifying your home to protect yourself from air raids.

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Air Raid Precautions hints for Housewives, a 28 page handbook dated 1941 covering a large number of subjects from shelters to basic First Aid.

Air Raid Precautions Training Pamphlet No.3. A 6 page pamphlet giving information to Wardens in case of invasion.

A.R.Phandbook training manual no1 1st edition dated 1940. A ninety page handbook covering all aspects of A.R.P basic training.

A 149 page book Air Raid Precautions Training Manual No3 Rescue Service Manual. It shows an interesting gas mask set up that that I have not seen before called a Remote Breathing Apparatus , it looks a bit of Heath Robinson affair with the air pipe going through the side of the gas mask bag and then it is somehow clamped to the canister.

London and North Eastern Railway ARP.

A 9 page booklet dated 1939. Air Raid Precautions Memorandum No2.

A.R.P Memorandum No.4 dated 1939. Organisation of the Air Raid Wardens Service.Plus a letter from the head Air Raid Warden Bideford that came with the booklet.

Air Raid Precautions Memorandum No.5 dated 1938.

A.R.P Memorandum No 6 A 23 page booklet dated 1938.

A.R.P Memorandum No 7 A 11 page booklet dated 1938.

A 95 page booklet dated 1939. A.R.P A concise fully illustrated and practical guide for the householder and Air-raid Warden.

A.R.P Aide Memoire Unissued and undated eight page booklet.

A.R.P handbook no1 personal protection against gas a 124 page handbook explaining what to do in case of gas attack and how to use and care for different types of gas mask.

A.R.P handbook no.2 first aid and nursing for gas casualties 3rd edition 48 page handbook.

A.R.P handbook no.3 medical treatment of gas casualties 1st edition 145 page handbook.

A.R.P handbook no.4 decontamination of materials 1st edition 69 page handbook dated 1939.

A.R.P handbook no.4A a 31 page handbook dated 1942. decontamination of clothing including anti gas clothing and equipment, from persistent gases

A.R.P handbook no.6 Air raid precautions in factorys and business premises 1st edition 69 page handbook.

A.R.P handbook no.7 Dated 1941. Anti-Gas precautions for Merchant Shipping 3rd edition 43 page handbook.

A.R.P handbook no.8 The duties of air raid warden 2nd edition 26 page handbook dated 1938.

A.R.P handbook no.9 Incendiary bombs and fire precautions 1st edition 63 page handbook dated 1939 With some interesting advertisements.

A.R.P handbook no.10 Training in first aid for civil defence purposes. 2nd edition 64 page handbook dated 1942.This one is significantly larger than the others?.

A.R.P handbook no.12 Air raid precautions for animals. 1st edition 28 page handbook dated 1939.

A.R.P handbook no.14 Fire guards hand book. A 45 page booklet giving information to fire guards on trainig and equipment and organisation .