Squander Bug badge. The WW11 Squander Bug character created by the British National Savings Committee sketched by artist Phillip Boydell, to discourage wasteful spending.

ARP silver lapel badge dated 1938 plus a Women's Land Army badge.

Auxiliary fire service lapel badge and National Fire Service Badge.

Women's volunteer service badge and volunteer badge.

A.R.P Women's volunteer service badge and Saint Johns Ambulance lapel badge.

Auxiliary Territorial Service cap and lapel badges.

Civil Defence badge. Red Cross Penny-a-Week fund badge. It was worn by those that donated to the Penny-a-Week fund, The fund was set up through a joint venture between the British Red Cross and St Johns to raise funds. The scheme worked by a voluntary contribution of one penny per week, to be deducted from their pay. The fund was used to send parcels of food and comfort to prisoners of war in Germany and Italy.

Shop display for Luminous blackout buttons, only one left on the card, 10 cents each so probably American possibly for use when having blackout drills.