Unfortunately I only have three pieces of this webbing set. Patt 40 webbing was used by the 1st cavalry division in Palestine plus The Trans Jordanian Police Force and Indian Cavalry seem to have had the bulk of it. It was made for troopers armed with rifles, as well as a full set for Officers.

Patt 40 water bottle carrier. The set has a 3 piece belt / cartridge carrier design, the stud on the bottom of the water bottle carrier[see third picture] fits into a key way fitting on the back of the belt, a similar arrangement is for the haversack as well. It has double braces over the shoulder, the second strap has another key way fitting that goes to the top fitting of the cartridge carriers or basic pouches these attach at the other end to the haversack or water bottle carrier and can be released to gain access to the the latter. Thanks to Carl on the Military collectors network for the bulk of this information.

Pattern 40 Straps dated 1940. The keyway fittings mate to the stud on the top buckle of the Cartridge carriers. The Straps pass through the loops on the Braces, through the Brass fitting, and attach to the Water bottle carrier (left side) and the Haversack (right side).