In late 1906 the War Office placed an order for 1,300 sets of a new design of webbing to replace the unsuccessful leather 1903 pattern, to be used in extended Troop Trials. An additional 50 sets were sent to India for Trials there. Following the success of the Troop Trials both at home and abroad, the Army Council met in December, 1907. At the first meeting, a final decision was postponed until a design for the carriage of the new entrenching tool was decided. This was resolved and the design was excepted. The new standard webbing was called the Web Equipment, Pattern 1908.

The 1908 pattern belt waist belt came in three sizes large medium and small.The date is unreadable.

1908 pattern haversack made by ME,CO dated 1918 with two internal compartments.

1908 pattern cross straps with buckles to attach the large and small packs as with the belt the dates are unreadable. The third picture shows the cross straps used in fatigue order.

1908 pattern ammunition pouch's 2nd Issue, no legible dates.

1908 pattern second issue Bayonet frog. Date not legible but could be 1918?.

1908 Pattern water bottle carrier no legible dates, this particular one is either a later one made in 1921 or was modified in 1921. The single securing strap that passes over the Bottle has been replaced by two short straps, one of which has the spigot portion of the fastener, and the other the crown. The spigot on the horizontal strap has been removed and the hole sewn shut. The bottle shown is the correct MKV1. But missing its felt and most of its cork.

WW1 two piece "D" shaped mess tin. Technically not part of the 08 pattern equipment but associated with it. Made of tin plated steel, this mess tin has a wire rod carrying handle and rectangular wire loops front and back for a shoulder strap, There is a metal rod folding handle mounted on the inside of the removable lid section which folds inside the lid when not in use. There are markings stamped on the bottom but they are to worn to be readable. Unfortunately I don’t have its cover.

Implement, Intrenching, pattern 1908 - Head, Mark II and Intrenching, pattern 1908 Helve dated 1917.