Pattern 1903


The Bandolier Equipment, Pattern 1903 was a replacement for the Valise Equipment, Pattern 1888, it wasn't a success as infantry equipment and within five years, the Regular Army re-equipped with the Pattern 1908 Web Equipment. Bandolier Equipment was used by units of the Territorial Force and with Colonial units, campaigning in Africa and with the Indian Army on the Western Front. It was also used by the cavalry, were it seems to have been more successfully, cavalrymen wore the 90 round version of the bandolier. Drivers of the Corps of Royal Engineers also wore bandoliers, but of the 50 round type.

1903 pattern 50 round Bandolier MK.11 dated 1915.

1903 Pattern Pocket, cartridge, 10 rounds. (Mark I) . It has a loop on the rear so that it can slide onto the Waist belt, and will accept ten rounds of .303-inch ammunition in two 5 round chargers.