A.D.I. (Maps) Air Ministry, no. 7330" Silk Air Ministry escape and evasion map of Germany dated 1941. Its in very fragile condition and printed in black and white on one side only.

Map cases both dated 1944. These were the two main patterns of standard sized map case used by the infantry during WW11, although they both had the stiffening board The first one is Missing its stiffening board and its fully covered in web material but the next one is not fully covered And its stiffening board is part of the case . They both have an adjustable shoulder strap plus two press stud fasteners and a large pocket for the map plus compartments on the inside of the flap for pencils ruler etc,Interestingly the only metal bits that are made of brass on the first case are the press studs the buckles and strap ends are a dull metal probably an economy measure getting short on brass, made by FINNIGANS LTD. The second one made by W&G LTD.

Third type of map case designed for use on vehicles, note the hook and metal frame work. Dated 1941 made by D.C.M.

Jungle Green Officers Map Case. Updated, the worn writing on the inside reads , keep mosquito repellent off cellulose.