Elementary First Aid for Part-time A.R.P. Personnel. A 8 page undated booklet giving basic first aid instruction for part-time Wardens and Rescue party personnel.

Factory ARP booklet. A 12 page booklet for the designated ARP factory worker, mainly dealing with gases and the care of respirators plus one page on how to deal with an incendiary bomb.

Directions for the erection and sinking of the galvanised corrugated steel shelter. A 16 page booklet on how to erect and place a Anderson shelter. Dated 1939. The Anderson shelter was named after Sir John Anderson who was in charge of Air Raid Precautions in 1938. millions of these shelters were built. The shelters were given free to anybody who earned less than £250 a year. Anybody with a higher income could buy an Anderson shelter for 7 pounds.

A.R.P Home Storage of Food Supplies Bulletin No 3. A 15 page booklet undated but reading the forward probably 1939.

Wartime aids for all animal owners. A 32 page booklet that covers all issues to do with animals in wartime.

Your home as an air raid shelter dated 1940. A 24 page handbook covering all aspects of modifying your home to protect yourself from air raids.

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Air Raid Precautions hints for Housewives, a 28 page handbook dated 1941 covering a large number of subjects from shelters to basic First Aid.

London and North Eastern Railway ARP.

A.R.P Aide Memoire Unissued and undated eight page booklet.