Boer War Binoculars with integral Compass. Probably an officers private purchase, but what makes them really interesting is the personal inscription of its original owner . B F Woods 3rd Bn KRRC Machadodorp 1900. King’s Royal Rifle Corps 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalions all served in South Africa during the Boer War . 3rd Battalion fought at Colenso in 1899, On 28th July 1900 Major General Cooper, with the 3rd King's Royal Rifles Corps and 1st Rifle Brigade, took over the Heidelberg district which became the home or headquarters of the battalion. Garrison duty and column work occupied them till the close of the campaign. For about the last eight months of the war the battalion was garrison at Machadodorp.

Periscope No 14A MK.111 dated 1944. The wooden handle has a ball joint at the top so the Periscope can be held at different angles it also unscrews from the main body for packing a way in its case. The case has two compartments one for the handle and one for the main body plus an adjustable shoulder strap. It seems to be made of some type of fiber almost cardboard like.

Air Ministry Stereoscope Type D 14B/746. Undated folding Stereoviewer used by photo-reconnaisance staff to a closer look at aerial photographs for interpretation purposes. it helped to check accuracy of bombing, pinpointing targets and genral inteligance gathering. The viewer is in two sections - the main body has twin lenses set in flat metal plate with pivoting legs either side. These fit into a base plate, with notches on the legs permitting height adjustment.

WW1 Binoculars and case dated 1917 and named to a G Battle, unfortunately the shoulder strap is missing but apart from that its in very good condition.

WW1 Binoculars and case dated 1915 made by D.T.J.& C2 LTD Londen. Unfortunately the shoulder strap is also missing on this one plus this is a smaller version of the set above, the case being marked medium and two and seven sixteenths.

Binocular Prismatic no 5 Mk1 made by Ross London Dated 1936. Plus attached to the shoulder strap in a small leather case are, Glasses Moderating Binocular No.1. Mk 1. Which has two pairs of lenses inside?

Binoculars Barr & Stroud CF 41 7x50 AR No: 1900A. Dated 1940 used by the Royal Navy. With spray shields open.

Binoculars prism No2 MK 111, made by Kershaw, dated 1945, with a pattern 37 case.

Binoculars prism No2 MK 111, made by Kershaw, dated 1944, with a pattern 44 case.