A.M. Douglas Combined Protractor & Parallel Rule.

R.A.F. 06.A. Hand Bearing Compass. Undated. The compass casing is solid brass with a wooden handle and a brass light swich, the base of the torch unscrews for the battery or batteries to slip in. the markings on the top are HAND BEARING HUGES & SONS LTD LONDON TYPE "06" No 089 MADE IN ENGLAND.

The 06.A. is a hand-held compass, used by an observer to take navigational bearings in situations where a fixed compass could not be used, The handle holds batteries to power an internal lamp, which internally illuminates the bowl of the compass. With the bearing target sighted through the "V" atop the glass prism, the observer would read the direction of the bearing through the prism mirror as it is reflected up from the compass card. The markings on the compass card are reversed so that they appear correctly in the prism mirror.

WW1 Officers compass made by F-L? dated 1917. The leather case dated 1916 .

ww11 Officers compass made by T G & Co Ltd London dated 1940, no case

compass magnetic marching MK.1. Undated made by T G & Co Ltd. with pattern 1937 compass case.

NAVIGATIONAL COMPUTER / MK III D REF No.6B/180 The MK.III D navigational computer is a dead reckoning computer, it would have been strapped to the leg of a fighter pilot or on the navigator's table of a bomber. Undated, but the mark "I. C. A. N." Stood for the International Convention on Aerial Navigation which operated from 1903 to 1945 it then became the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). So it's probably World War Two era.

Air Ministry P11 compass dated 1944. Used in a verity of Aircraft during WW11 Including Spitfires and Hurricanes.

Navigator’s dividers dated for 1944. A set of dividers is one of the navigator’s most Essential tools, the dividers were critical for accessing distances and plotting courses on the charts.

Navigator's Parallel Rule dated 1944. 'Capt. Field's Improved' boxwood parallel rule With brass fittings. Used by the Navigator for route plotting in bomber aircraft.

A.M. Bubble Sextant Mk IX dated 1940. Introduced in 1938 and widely Used by the Royal Air Force during World War II. Unfortunately the eyepiece has perished over the Years so is no longer there, normally these came in a pressed board case but this one case in Aluminium so possibly a later replaced case?

American WW11 computer true airspeed.

MK11 Astro compass and base. All the information I have so far is that it was probably made by an American company called Sperti in WW11 And was used by the RAF as well as the American air force. I have included a picture of it being used In a B-25 Mitchell. I am assuming that the base stays in the aircraft as they are a separate item.