Wire cutters made by Chater, Lea LTD. Dated 1917 and just over 20 inches in length.

Hacksaw dated 1943. Made by WATTS.

Air ministry oil can dated 1935 and stamped Biggin Hill. Well used but the A.M stamp and date is sill legible.

Miller Falls, Alford hand vice. American made, no date but I have found one in the Orr & Locket Hardware catalogue from 1898. Its missing a wing nut and various tools which were kept in the handle which is hollow and unscrews.

General service pickaxe head. Unfortunately, I do not have the wooden shaft and the Date is not legible.

WW11 Tin cutters? Dated 1942. I think they are Tin cutters, but if Anybody knows different please let me know.

WW11 Screwdriver. Dated 1940 and 15 inches in length.

Tool roll with eight spanners, the roll is undated the only markings being N3026T? The Spanners have dates from 1941 to 1945 and are all military marked.

Double ended three quarter inch spanner undated but stamped with the words' war Finish, interestingly, it seems to have been made specifically for Vauxhall Bedford vehicles.

B.S.F [British Standard Fine] Half inch Spanner dated 1944.

Wire cutters and pouch. The pouch is dated 1945 the wire cutters dated 1944. The third picture shows a larger type of cutter also dated 1944. The handle extends for more leverage by pulling the tabs at the side and opening out And around. They don't actually go with the pouch shown, they are about an inch too long. The third type of wire cutter shown is undated.

Wire cutters, undated but possibly WW1 era, approximately 12 inches long I believe there may be a larger version.