Squadron scramble card game No1. Copyright 1942 looking at the aircraft shown I would think the date of manufacture would also be 1942.

War planes a card game for aircraft spotters. A card game designed to help aircraft spotters with plane recognition. The pack consists of 67 cards , 65 illustrated cards representing five different views each of 13 British and German aircraft and 2 key cards plus rules. Undated but looking at the aircraft used on the cards I am going to say an early wartime date 1939-1940.

Stratego is a strategy board game for two players each player has 36 pieces representing individual officer and soldier ranks in an army, unfortunately I do not have the board, The objective of the game is to find and capture the opponent's Flag, or to capture so many enemy pieces that the opponent cannot make any further moves. The name Stratego was first registered in 1942 in the Netherlands, this set the British version I am thinking was made just post WW11, although the uniforms pictured are WW11 era they probably would not have had the interaction with the Dutch during WW11 to do with games plus they have metal stands and would have expected them to be made of wood if they had been made during WW11. There have been many variants of pieces and rulesets over the years, I also have a modern version of this with Napoleonic plastic pieces and 40 pieces each player.

England expects great naval card game. Not dated but probably early war. Its a form of trumps capturing groups of cards called tricks and then scored on how many tricks you have and what they contain.

Go-bang board game made by A.W. Ford & CO. LTD, undated. A very basic board game designed for service men and women or to be sent to prisoners of war although it does say not to Japan.

Black out card game. Copyright in October 1939 so only around a month from when the war started.

Vacuation card game. Not dated but probably early war. the object of the game is to complete evacuation by getting rid of every card in the hand.

WW II Monopoly set, note the cardboard playing pieces set in wood and the dice replaced by a cardboard spinner instead of dice as metal and dice materials were being used in the war effort. Monopoly also played a part in the war effort, as part of the Geneva Convention Germany allowed groups like the Red Cross to distribute care packages to prisoners, included in those packages was "games and pastimes." So the Allies sent packages to their POWs that included escape kits tools like compasses, metal files, money, and maps. They disguised those kits as Monopoly games. The compasses and files were disguised as playing pieces. The money, in the form of French, German, and Italian bank notes? Hidden below the Monopoly money. The silk maps were Concealed within the board itself. Before leaving on a mission, Royal Air Force airmen were told that, if they happened to be captured, they should look for Monopoly games in the "care packages" sent to them and for the escape maps and kits that were hidden in them. The "special edition" Monopoly sets would be designated with a red dot on the Free Parking space. Unfortunately from the collectors point of view the soldiers and Airmen were told to destroy the games in order to keep the secret from the Axis, so its unlikely we would find one of the special sets today.

The Ranks to Field Marshall First World War board game with portraits of George V and Field Marshals French and Kitchener. Circa 1914 its missing its box and sixteen counters so I have used two pictures from the Imperial War Museum of the counters and box lid.

Convoy WW2 card game c.1940 50 cards in box including instructions, compass and score cards. Players take it in turns to run wartime naval convoys. The players are chosen at the beginning of the game by spinning the 'Compass' card. The other players try to stop the convoy getting through by collecting other cards, mines, torpedoes, submarines etc.

Victory card game, all the cards are there including the instructions it must have been made pre May 10, 1940 as it shows Neville Chamberlain as Prime Minister and Winston Churchill first sea lord, the object of the game is the first one to get 125 points, six cards are dealt to each player, players examine their cards and may discard one to four cards the dealer then replaces the discarded cards then each player picks a card from the pack and discards one in turn until one player declares if he has a 6 cards in compleat sequence of the same service or any two sets of three cards or a sequence of five cards, then the points on the cards are added up or in the case of player holding one of the German penalty cards points taken away.

Spotto, a game played like Bingo but it also had a serious side to it as a educational tool for the Royal Observer Corps and Home Guard etc. There are ten plying cards with Air Craft silhouettes, only four are shown, the counters are missing but I am hoping to recreate them.